Mikey O'Connor

Mikey is a versatile, charismatic, and personable voice actor. He has a knack for creating characters from a grounded and authentic place. With an age range from young adult to mature parent, Mikey provides a unique and authentic read for any genre. Having a background in musical theatre and drama, Mikey has the ear and the talent to take direction and execute his read to your highest expectations. From cool and conversational to wacky cartoon characters, Mikey consistently delivers quality reads. Based in Los Angeles, Mikey has access to all major studios and can provide professional level audio for every project.

Disney Doorables: The Beast

Popeye's Ripin' Chicken Big Box

FusionAuth: Auth for Any App

Fall Out New Vegas: Brave New World: Greasy Johnny

M.A.D Mutually Assured Destruction: Donald Dump

And now for some Testimonials:

David Hudson @Cinesaurus "I haven't received this much personality from a voice actor in many moons. Awesome work!"

Leer Leary @SoundSmithLong Island- "On time, prepared, polite, ready to go. He has fun and gets the job done."

Javier Vital @corporate Filming & Franchise Filming- "You're a natural my friend. Your performance was hilariously funny. I really enjoyed watching you perform. I can still hear your liens in my head!"

Matthew Billman @Apteryx Labs, LLC- "You really did a fantastic job. You'll be top of our list when we need another VO!"



Mary Lynn Wissner; Craig Lee Thomas; Erik Sheppard; Leer Leary; William Williams; Jon Mitchell


Richard Horvitz; Charlie Adler; Bob Bergen; Joe Ochman; Secunda Wood; Kal-El Bogdanove; Alicyn Packard; JB Blanc; Ogie Banks


Dave B. Mitchell; Kevin McMullan; Dave Fennoy; Jeremy Hall; Arianna Ratner